I am a decorator at heart and a retired decorator by profession.  It is with great pleasure that I continue finding ways to make your stay more comfortable.  I live at Casa Panama part time with my husband Geff a retired fire fighter.  We rent Casa Panama in various combinations of accommodations at certain times of the year.  Every day we spend at Casa Panama is like a little heaven on earth and I hope you find the same true for you!

I am originally from San Diego daughter of a well-known fashion professional of the same name and a Dutch father, a cabinet maker who built not only all the furniture  but also designed and built our home on a ranch in the country.  All of the famous designers visited the ranch for sophisticated parties and events while on the flip side my sister and brother and I might have been out picking oranges, tending the animals or riding our horses.

I have always loved the ocean and have fond childhood memories of daddy taking us out in the San Diego Bay for fishing trips on his cabin cruiser.  I have lived on or near the sea for the past 40 years with a memorable stint in the Caribbean for 12 of those years.  When I moved to the Northern California area, I just fell in love with Jenner at first sight.  The people and the place just resonates a vibe you will never forget.  Casa Panama rivals any coastal property I have experienced in my travels and its right here in northern California!

Geff and I met at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Geff's family had been coming to the area since his mom was a little girl when they rode up from San Francisco weekends or for the summer vacation on the train to Monte Rio.  If you go to Korbel Winery and take the tour, you will see a video about the history of the area with Geff's mom talking about the train!  Geff brings a lot of experience from his years here and can answer any question you have about what to do and how things have changed over the years (his first girl-friend lived right down the hill!) and he can fix anything.  We were married at Casa Panama taking our vows on the deck at sunset with our family and friends. 

Casa Panama is on over a third of an acre with few neighbors and absolute privacy. Casa Panama's placement on the hill makes for spectacular views and it is protected from coastal wind by the estuary and Goat Rock resulting in a milder climate much warmer than Bodega Bay and in the winter, an average of 5-10 degrees warmer than inland areas.  For that same reason you will be amazed to see hundreds of birds visiting the feeders on property every day. 

I look forward to hearing from you,


Toni Tacoma


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