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Casa Panama is one of the original family homes built in Jenner, California. The prime location is appreciated for the spectacular view, sun and mild weather. Until I purchased it, the house was held for decades by the family who first built it. When I bought it, I vowed to conserve the integrity and the history of the building. My past experience as a decorator, hotelier, artist, and environmentalist has served me well in my stewardship of Casa Panama. 

It is with great pleasure that I look forward to finding new ways to open more areas to explore on the property. I rent Casa Panama in various combinations of accommodations. For now, I rent either Casa Panama or just the downstairs of the house I call Casatina. But if Casa Panama is too big or Casatina is too small just ask. The owners unit is sometimes available as are art studios and even art classes or seminars.  For the past 18 years, I’ve hosted intimate weddings, product shoots, cooking shows, business and board meetings, fundraisers, environmental seminars, and eco-tours. 

I am originally from San Diego, the daughter of a well-known fashion professional. My father, the oldest son from a Dutch family of cabinetmakers, designed and built all the furniture in our family home. The ranch house, a marvel of modern design, was another one of his creations. All of the famous designers visited the ranch for sophisticated parties and shows while on the flip side my siblings and I might have been out picking fruit trees, tending the animals or riding the horses.

I have always loved the ocean and have fond childhood memories of daddy taking us out of the country to the San Diego Bay for fishing trips on his cabin cruiser.  I have lived on or near the sea for the past 40 years with a memorable stint in the Caribbean for 12 of those years.  When I moved to the Northern California area, I fell in love with Jenner at first sight.  The people and the place where the river meets the sea resonates a healthy vibe. Casa Panama rivals any coastal property I have experienced because it’s convenient yet isolated just 40 minutes from Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, and Sebastopol!

Casa Panama is on a big chunk of land with few neighbors and absolute privacy. Casa Panama's placement on the hill makes for spectacular views and keeps you protected from coastal winds. The estuary and monumental Goat Rock Beach protects the Jenner homes resulting in a milder climate than you might expect. Jenner seems much warmer than other coastal towns. In the Winter, it’s an average of 5-10 degrees warmer than inland areas. In the Summer it is 10-15 degrees cooler during the day.  Jenner has both river and coastal access while surrounded by hundreds of acres of park and protected land trusts. It is a place of real natural beauty yet still undiscovered. Bring cameras and hiking shoes. Take advantage of the opportunity to kayak, bird watch, and explore the beaches. 

Toni Tacoma