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Welcome to Casa Panama, I hope you enjoy the stay in my home!  The rooms are decorated and influenced by all of the experiences and adventures we have shared as a family making this house an integral part of our history.  The art and many of the accessories in the house have been collected from all over the world.  I hope you appreciate and respect everything as if it was your own and you will come back again and again!


Please park on the right side at the back of the driveway leaving the area closest to the house open and clear to exit.  If you park at an angle 3-4 cars fit comfortably and can each exit safely.  There are two Prius’ there that are company cars. If you need more space you may ask that they be removed. 

Be cautious of the moisture barrier bump at the entrance to the driveway.  It gets higher on the upper side of the driveway and can cause low riding vehicles to scrape unless you stay to the inside.  Always enter the driveway uphill and exit by backing down and then driving up the hill. Make two lefts to get back down to Hwy 1.  


Keys are to the front door of the Casatina unit.  Make sure to check that the door is left unlocked when you’re in the back yard because if it is in lock mode the wind can blow it shut and lock you out.  Also remember to lock your door when exiting the premises.  To close that door securely it sometimes needs to be pulled up by the handle as you close it.  

The passageway door to the upper floor is dead bolted for your security. 


To use the wireless system look for NETGEAR 48.  The internet password is exoticwindow352.  Please be aware that we are on a satellite system, which makes downloading music or videos not possible because it takes up precious bandwidth.  Please also do not leave computers on when not in use for that same reason. The Internet is wireless with the modem in the caretaker unit.  If it needs resetting please call the number provided


The phone number at Casatina is (707) 865-1123.  There is a message machine for missed calls.  If you hear a beep-beep sound when you call out it is because someone has left a message while you were on the phone.  You can check for messages on the internal system by calling 824-4200, password 3333#.  Cell service is very poor at the house but improves as you go towards town if you are on Verizon. Since the cell service is so poor for Cingular/AT&T users we recommend you forward your cell calls to the Casa Panama phone number (707) 865-1123.


This is a non-smoking residence.  Please keep any smoking restricted to the outside areas.


Downstairs, Casatina-level 

The propane fireplace/heater for the Casatina living room is operated by a rocker switch. It is located on the top right rear of the stove. The neutral position is OFF. Pushing the switch either direction is ON.  NOTE: this unit is not thermostatically controlled and must be turned off by hand.  Please watch the positioning of the DRAPES behind the heater keeping them from touching the heater or getting to close.  

You will find the auxiliary electric space heaters in the utility closet.  Please un-plug it when not in use.  NEVER leave any clothing or towels on it when in use.  Please be conscious of the fact that propane and electric heating is very costly so it is important to keep the doors and windows closed when the units are in use and to turn them off at night or when you leave.  


Downstairs, Casatina-level

We have attempted to equip the kitchenette with all the utensils and appliances you might need. We needed to be sensitive to space constraints. The oven is a convection microwave and is operated by selecting the mode you desire. 


The sheets will be on the sleeper but the blankets and pillows for the sleeper are located in the carved wooden chest. When making the sleeper back up please remove the blankets and tuck in the sheets to keep them from tearing in the hinges.


As Jenner is on a limited private water supply please practice water conservation as much as possible.  Since we are on SEPTIC please do not flush anything other than toilet paper.  No feminine products. There is no garbage disposal for the same reason.  There is a drain pan next to the trash under the sink for doing dishes.


We are certified GREEN and environmentally friendly.  We recycle since our trash usage is monitored as part of the program.  Please place recyclables such as newspaper, plastic bottles, plastic food containers, all glass, all cans, and cardboard in GREEN trashcans.  All other general garbage, place in RED cans. (For more information see recycling pages in manual) The inside trash cans are found next to the kitchen sinks upstairs and under the kitchen sink downstairs.  

Please place-outgoing trash/ recycle in trash area at the rear right side of the driveway.  Put the garbage in the RED cans and RECYCLE in GREEN. Be sure keep bins locked to discourage raccoons from gaining access.  

The garbage pick-up day is FRIDAY.  Please take any garbage you have out to the cans before then.  Trash goes out with LIDS on, FRIDAY morning before 10AM.  The caretaker will put the trash out on the street and take the cans back in for you.


There is a wall mounted TV in the kitchen area.  To operate the TV’s please see the directions provided by Direct TV in each bedroom or reproduced in this book.


Towels for the hot tub are in the basket next to the door. Please do not use the bath towels for the hot tub. Please wash and dry any hot tub towels used.

To remove the cover, fold in half and slide down between the hot tub and the rear wall or lean it against the fence on the deck. ALWAYS replace the cover when not in use.

The hot tub is set at 102 degrees. To CHANGE the temperature, continue to press the temperature PLUS or MINUS button until you reach the desired heat.  

Jets operate by PRESSING the JETS BUTTON.  One time for LOW jet circulation, and AGAIN for high jet, and AGAIN for OFF.  Control JET ZONE and AIR MIXTURE with SIDE MANUAL controls.  Jets automatically cycle OFF every 15 minutes.  Hot tub lights are turned ON/ OFF by pressing the LIGHTS button.  

There are times when the hot tub goes into “Sleep Mode” and there is no heat. 

It happens due to inactivity and that can sometimes be the case once you are here. If that happens push SETTINGS then TEMP, then back to SETTINGS, then TEMP until it reads ST. The ST is hard to read especially upside down and looks more like 5I-

Please use caution when entering and exiting the tub.  It is medically recommended to limit time in the tub and to not drink alcohol while in the tub.  There are plastic glasses in the downstairs armoire for outside use.


There is a B-B-Q on the rock patio with tools in the lower level armoire. Please clean BBQ grill after each use with the wire brush provided and cover BBQ with black plastic cover.


The fire pit is on the rock patio with a wood supply next to it.  Please conserve wood supply and do not overuse.  Additional wood can be purchased from the gas station in Jenner.  You must observe local fire conditions prior to using the fire pit and please use moderation of the size of the fire in the pit. The closest water supply is the hose next to the corner of the house at the bottom of the wooden deck steps. Please recoil hose after use.


We have provided wicker sofas for your enjoyment. Please recover after using them each night before retiring. The damp air will get the upholstery wet and moldy otherwise.


Please be aware that we do have neighbors even though you may not be directly aware of them. The sound really travels in this little waterfront hillside community.  There is no amplified music allowed outside.  Please quiet down no later than 10PM!  


Dogs are permitted on the property with prior approval only.  All dogs must be kept on a leash while in the yard and are not allowed on the furniture or left alone in the house without being crated etc. Please refer to the dog etiquette page in the manual


There is one cat that lives on the property. Arnold is very social. It is up to YOU, the guest, whether or not you wish to engage with him. Arnold has a preference for men with blue jeans. He does not like dogs of any kind. Please be sure Arnold is safe if you bring a dog.

Arnold was named after the governor as a way of remembering when we got him. We considered calling him the terminator because of his ability to catch more than we care to reveal. Arnold is well taken care of and living in the caretaker’s quarters.  He wears a magnetic collar, which allows him access to his food.  


The breaker box is in the entry hallway under the smallest picture and also in the driveway at the meter.  In case of a power outage there are flashlights, lanterns and a hard line phone in the Emergency Kit downstairs by the dryer. There are also plenty of battery-powered candles throughout the house.  If the caretaker is in residence they will be available to be of service.


In case of a fire, police or health emergency call 911.  For all other problems don’t hesitate to call us directly when we are in residence at (707) 865-1165 if you have questions or need anything at all! We are here to be at your service when needed.  If we are not in residence please call and text our cell numbers. Toni’s cell (707) 292-0611. Teri (707) 480-7801. You will find all other emergency numbers under Emergency Numbers in the home manual.

The number for the vet is 874-2417.  If there were an emergency with the household pets and you could not reach us we authorize you to take the pet to the Occidental Veterinary Hospital at 3996 Bohemian Hwy. Take Hwy 116 towards Guerneville to Moscow Rd. and turn right. Take Moscow to the little town of Monte Rio and go right up Bohemian Hwy. The vet is on the right at the top of the hill just as you enter Occidental. The vet is familiar with Arnold's medical history and knows that I will take responsibility for payment of the bill on our return. Thank you, my cat is a family member!


Thank you for joining us at Casa Panama, Casatina. We hope you will come back again and again.  We appreciate your comments and any suggestions for improvement.  

Thanks for your coming and don’t hesitate to call if you need anything!

Toni and Teri