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Bohemian Grove Charity Concert

Updated: Feb 26

Locals always know when the Ultra Elite are gathering in the grove. About 2,000 members of this all male, 148 year old, “Gentlemen’s” club fly in on private jets to the Sonoma County airport one after another, after another, and travel down the aptly named Bohemian highway to the Grove located in Monte Rio.

Traditionally this is in mid-July and, depending on who is arriving, there is often a group of protestors waiting for them somewhere along the roadside. This is California after all and these things can’t go without comment.

The gathering kicks off with the “Cremation of Care” ceremony around a man made lake on the grounds of the rustic encampment. What happens for the next 10 days to 2 weeks no one really knows, or at least says.

Brian Wilsonof the Beach Boys

We do know that a variety of artists from the entertainment industry are invited each year to provide entertainment. Some are members too. Past years have seen Bing Crosby, Roy Rogers, Art Linkletter. More recently, Charlie Musselwhite, Clint Black, Brian Wilson, and Zac Brown were in the line up.

At the end of their stay, the Bohemian Club redeems themselves somewhat by giving a public concert brought on by some of that year’s crop of artists. They hold this in the Monte Rio Amphitheater that abuts the grove. All proceeds go to to benefit local schools and charities.

The thing is, given the Grove’s habitual secrecy, you never really know who you’ll see perform. The setting is casual (bring your own chair). Beer, wine, pizza is sold and there are a few vendors, but mostly everyone is there for the open air music in the redwoods.

It is a pig in a poke event, though you’re justified in expecting a better class of pig given the circumstances. No seating is reserved, so get there for the gate opening chair in hand. Check out the Monte Rio Vareity Show site for more information.

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