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The Mindful Meander: How to Forest Bath

Updated: Feb 26

Would you like to reduce your stress, boost your immune system, increase your concentration, and enjoy yourself in the process? These are just 3 of the many benefits of Forest Bathing.

Two researchers, one Russian and one Japanese, more than 50 years apart contributed to bringing this practice to light. In 1928 a Boris P. Tokin, a bio-chemist from Leningrad University coined the term “Phytoncide” meaning exterminated by the plant, a collective term for anti-microbial compounds produced by plants for their own immune systems. When we walk in a forested area we breathe them in and they boost our immune systems as well.

In the 1990s Dr. Qing Li, an immunologist at Nippon Medical in Tokyo, extensively researched the effects of what he called Shinrin Yuko, or Nature Bathing giving us the movement we have today.

Pre-pandemic Americans averaged 90% of their time indoors.

Like most holistic things, it is tremendously beneficial in ways that unfold the more you practice it: lower cortisol levels, strengthened immune system, improved cardiovascular health, energy boost, increased creativity, concentration, weight loss, stress, and relief among others.

Not only that, but the cumulative gains also add up like compound interest for your health. Micro dosing with even 20 minutes a day will bring results. Add that up and you have 10 hours a month. Not really a lot to ask for yourself.

Try out these recommended steps…

  1. Turn your phone off.

  2. Start with no destination in mind.

  3. Walk slowly. It is not a hike, perhaps a quarter of your normal speed.

  4. Take deep, slow breaths.

  5. Engage all senses. Pay attention to different shades of green, feel the snap of twigs, listen to the birdsong, smell the scents rising from the ground, taste the air.

Book your next stay at Casa Panama and treat yourself to some Forest Bathing in the Jenner Headlands. The proprietary gate entrance is a short walk from the house.

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